Dear visitor,

Welcome to my home on the Internet. Aside from the BLOG section, where I express myself in Swedish exclusively, English is the language spoken here.

The DISCOGRAPHY and SHEET MUSIC sections are linked to various web shops. At the DOWNLOADS section, however, you have got free and instant access to selected unpublished recordings and scores. The latest addition here is a folder containing some thirty or so of the scores I used when recording the 4-CD box “Portfolio”, released December 9th, 2022.

Another recent album, presenting Olle Adolphson’s music for solo guitar, was released on 1 June, 2022. Available as a CD as well as on streaming platforms. Also, a Dolby Atmos mix of Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint is now available on Apple Music. Worth checking out, it is quite spectacular!

Concert dates through April, 2023 can be found at the CALENDAR section.