MBCD 03 Music for Trio

Fall 2’52

(Svante Henryson)

2. The Harlot’s Touch 4’48

(Svante Henryson)

3. Jog 4’28

(Svante Henryson)

4. Pi (π) Part I 3’24

(Svante Henryson)

5. Kafi Gorrlaus 4’50

(Svante Henryson)

6. Close Up (Far Out) 3’31

(Anders Hillborg)

7. Melting Ice 4’34

(Svante Henryson)

8. Pi (π) Part II1’10

(Svante Henryson)

9. On a Day Like This4’22

 (Svante Henryson)

10. Let Me Put It This Way2’50

(Mats Bergström)

11. Ellen’s Waltz4’41

(Svante Henryson & Erik Weissglas)

12. Pi (π) Part III1’05

(Svante Henryson)

13. Jigg3’41

(Svante Henryson)

14. Sore Feet Blues3’50

(Svante Henryson)


TT: 50’49

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& © 2015 Mats Bergström Musik AB •  HYPERLINK “http://www.matsbergstrom.com” www.matsbergstrom.com

Made in EU


Svante Henryson, double bass (tracks 1-4, 6-8, 12-14) & cello (5, 9-11)

Mats Bergström, guitar

Magnus Persson, drums & percussion


The trio, formed in 2001, existed on-and-off until Magnus Persson’s death from heart failure in November 2014. Its activities included concerts around Sweden and abroad as well as collaborations with Anne Sofie von Otter and Malena Ernman.


Pi (π) is a sounding rendition of the irrational, transcendental number π. Consequently; the piece has no (known) end. The score consists of the number π and a set of simple performance instructions. In the version recorded here, the first 120 decimals are represented, divided in three sections.


Kafi Gorrlaus is a multilingual title, combining an Indian and a Norwegian musical term. Kafi is an important raga in Hindustani classical music, used throughout the piece. Gorrlaus means “very loose”, referring here to the tension of the lowest string of the cello, which is tuned down one whole step (a practice normally associated with the Hardanger fiddle).


Close Up (Far Out) is a free arrangement of Close Up, a composition by Anders Hillborg set for clarinet and percussion ad libitum. It is based on a tone row generated by prime numbers.


Arranged and produced by Svante Henryson, Mats Bergström & Magnus Persson

Recorded and co-produced by Lars Nilsson at Nilento Studio, Kållered, June 13-15 2007

Mixed by Lars Nilsson & Magnus Persson at Nilento Studio

Tracks 8 & 12 remixed by Magnus Frykberg at Breakmyheart Studio, Lidingö

Mastered by Lars Nilsson at Nilento Studio

Cover art by Jockum Nordström • Photography: Per-Erik Adamsson • Design: Johan Melbi